John Sunderland

Quest Systems have been dealing with Julie for over 10 years originally when she was our accountant in Carney Walsh and for the last 3 years as Beamish and Associates.

I have always found working with Julie a pleasure, her attention to detail, patience and willingness to help is always to the fore. Julie’s ability in a one on one scenario is second to none she says it like it is, which is very necessary when dealing with small companies like ourselves who don’t always have the knowledge, or more importantly the time to give to accounts and procedures which are very necessary in today’s extremely stressful business environment, but not always followed as they should be

Julie’s skills and knowledge extend much further than just financial matters, she has helped Quest in many other vital areas, areas like staff recruitment, staff relations, advice where and when contracts are necessary and also with the less pleasant side of things when people don’t work out.

Julie is a skilled negotiator and has assisted Quest in situations like dealing with banks, bad debts, and has advised on issues as diverse as insurance and health matters.

More than anything else what you get from Julie is personal attention, I believe she sees her clients more than just customers, she is always aware of issues that may affect Quest and quick to advise and steer when necessary, she takes pride in what she does and I believe she genuinely cares that her clients succeed and flourish.

On a personal level Julie has helped me in many ways both financially and privately outside of Quest Systems in matters relating to pensions, investments and property among others, and most of the time she is spot on.